The World's Greatest Referral Program!

By Sudeep Chauhan |
The World's Greatest Referral Program!

Become Ambassador and Partner of YRL Platform

Explain YRL platform to the world. Earn 10% from all the spend by referred accounts for the next TWO YEARS.


This blog post explains the YRL referral program. We want to partner with you as a brand ambassador of YRL, and share our earnings from all the business you bring us.

How does it work?

It’s as simple as sharing a Yrl. Simply claim a Yrl of our own Campaigns:

YRL Campaigns for YRL itself

Share them and explain what YRL is and how it works. Everytime a user Signs up after clicking on your Yrl links, you are added as a Referrer to their Account.

As a Referrer, and partner of YRL, we share with you half of our earnings from these users. You will earn 10% (i.e. 50% of all our earnings) of all the money these accounts spend on Yrl as Businesses in the next 2 years.

Conversion Earnings for Yrl Campaigns

Why would someone want my referral?

Businesses who have a referral account, will get back 5% of all their spend on YRL as Yrl Credits to spend more on their Campaigns. We do this so there’s a big incentive for them to use a Referral code, or come through a referred link on YRL app.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

What should I do?

Visit the Campaigns for YRL platform itself and claim your personal Yrl links, share them with you connections explaining Yrl to them.

YRL Campaign for YRL itself

When they visit YRL Landing page through your links, we set a referral Cookie which on Sign up, adds your account to theirs as Referrer.

The Yrl Referral Cookie is evergreen, which means that the accounts you’ve referred can skip Sign up after visiting from your link and come back to YRL in a month and sign up, your Referral will still be active.

Option 2: Share your Referral Code

If the Business you shared YRL with have already signed up, you can share your Referral code with them. You can find it in the Referrals section on the YRL App.

Here’s a screenshot of the Referrals page on YRL App. The code showing below is for my account.

Share your Referral Code

Where will my earnings show up?

Your earnings will show in realtime under the “Conversion Earnings” tab.

How much is 10% anyways?

Most small to medium advertising businesses spend ~$10,000 per month on digital Advertisement. If they spend half of their budget on YRL, it would mean roughly $60,000 per year.

10% of this could mean $6,000 from each referred business for you. If you got just 10 such businesses who spent that much on YRL, it could be $60,000 per year for you in YRL conversion earnings.

Of course this comes with a caveat that YRL will succeed, and that’s something we want you to decide after using our product. We are firmly committed to making YRL work, and hope you to partner with you in our journey.

How much does YRL make?

For every YRL campaign, we have an 80:20 split with the Creators who claim links and promote those campaigns.

Our cut is 20%. From this 20%, we are paying you 10% as Referral bonus, and 5% back to the Businesses as Credits as they got your Referral Account.

We get to keep 5% which we spend on engineering, server, design costs and buying cereal for dinner.

Is there any catch?

There’s no catch, but we want to make sure you understand what we mean by spend.

You only earn when the accounts you have referred “spend” on YRL. If they create a Campaign, but no Creator claims their Yrls, it doesn’t count as spend. Only when the Businesses get real traffic would it be actually spent, and 10% of it would be added to your Conversion earnings.

There’s no limit to how many accounts you can refer, or how much you can earn.

Questions? Need Support?

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at: