Pay Influencers based on Traffic and Conversions

By Sudeep Chauhan |
Pay Influencers based on Traffic and Conversions

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In this post we show how you can use YRL platform in making performance based payouts to your social media partners.


If you partner with influencers, you have definitely negotiated deals, and figured out the right amount to pay a particular influencer based on “engagement”.

While tracking “engagement” on the basis of comments and likes is a good idea on the face of it, a better way would be to track and make payouts on the basis actual organic traffic, or better yet, conversions.

Affiliate marketing networks like Amazon have figured it out really well, as they pay a small portion of their sales to the affiliates. Some of the affiliate networks also have similar feature where you pay a subscription fee to be part of that network, and would through a cumbersome process track payments on your platform.

Today we are introducing a far easier, and more custom alternate: Private Campaigns on YRL.

Private Campaigns on YRL

While negotiating a deal with influencers, big or small, you can set a part of payment in a YRL campaign, which that an individual influencer can claim to get personal tracking link.

Everytime a user clicks on their tracking link they would get paid out per click, or per conversion as decided by you while setting up the campaign.

A conversion can be anythign: from sale, to sign up, to click of a button. All it takes is 4 lines of code.

YRL Private Campaign Fees

There’s no subscription fee charged to you from YRL. For private campaigns, YRL charges only 1¢ per click. This means if an influencer brings you 1000 clicks, you only pay $10 to use the service, regardless of how much you put to pay out the influencer.

Private YRL Campaign

How to create a Private Campaign?

It takes < 60 seconds to create a private YRL Campaign. Here are the steps:

1. Visit YRL for Business

Here’s the link:

2. Create Campaign

Click on Get Started, and then select “Create Campaign”.

3. Add details and set the CPC

To set up the campaign, all you need is a valid URL where the end users will be redirected.

You can also set up the Cost per Click that you’d like to pay the influencer for each organic click that they bring you

4: Check the “Private Campaign”

Make sure to enable the Private Campaign on Create Campaign page. Private campaigns are not visible on YRL marketplace and can only be accessed by those who have link to the campaign.

Private YRL Campaign

5: Complete the Payment

Your payment goes to the campaign budget. You can refund the remaining budget after the campaign has expired.

6: Share the Campaign Page with Influencer

Copy a Campaign link from “My Campaigns” tab, and share it with the influencer to claim a personal link from. Once the influencer claims a personal Yrl link, they can share it on their social media of choice.

Everytime someone clicks on the link, they will be routed to your site, and the creator would get paid in this process.

Pay per Conversion

With just 4 lines of code, you can also add a pay for conversions where a conversion is any user action that you want. For example a sign up, or add to cart, or a sale.

Refer to this FAQ on how to add conversion tracking to your website. To set up a payment for every conversion, please reach out to us so we can validate the action, and add the specific amount for your campaign.

You can also setup a quick demo with us here.

Cost of using Private Campaigns

There’s no subscription fee to use YRL. We only charge you when you get traffic and conversions.

For Private campaign, YRL charges 1¢ per click. You can work out any deal with the influencers, and the only fee that YRL will charge is 1¢ at the time of click.


YRL provides a lot of metrics for every campaign you create.

  • Unique organic clicks with time
  • Device distribution of clicks
  • Country distribution
  • Conversions, if any, given there’s a tracker


If you have any questions, please reach out to us at:

You can also set up time for a live demo with us here.