Introducing YRL: Making Creators Product and Idea Ambassadors

By Sudeep Chauhan |
Introducing YRL: Making Creators Product and Idea Ambassadors

Revolutionizing Marketing and Sales for Everyone

Introducing YRL: a digital marketing platform where businesses can partner with individual creators to share their products, and pay them proportional to the number of users they bring.

Introducing YRL

YRL (pronounced as viral) is a platform where businesses can pay individual creators to share their products and ideas through any platform. Creators would get paid everytime their content brings businesses real users (organic traffic).

YRL App for Creators.

Similar to Ad Campaigns, businesses can create YRL Campaigns, which are far easier to create and manage. YRL Campaigns don’t require businesses to provide content with specific formats or copywriting. All they need is the Website’s URL and a simple description of the product.

A public YRL campaign once created, can be claimed by any Creator on YRL Marketplace for Creators. When claimed, each creator gets their own personal Yrl link, which can be shared on any media platform.

Claim a Yrl

Yrl links of a Campaign redirect to the website (<200ms redirect) and during this time, the Creator is paid out for the click from the Campaign budget.

YRL enables businesses to incentivize individual creators to talk about, share and explain their products.

Who is a Creator?

Anyone who has ever shared a link, posted online or engaged in a conversation digitally is a Creator. They may have a million followers, or none at all. They could be public social celebrities on Instagram, or anonymous writers publishing quality blogs and memes.

Any, and every one of them can claim Yrls of the Campaigns they associate with.

Everyone is a Creator

The 3 Key Offerings

After interacting with hundreds of businesses, and even more creators, we built features addressing key pain points and built features around them. YRL has three offerings:

  1. YRL Marketplace
  2. Private YRLs
  3. Pay per Conversion

1. YRL Marketplace

When a Business creates a public YRL Campaign, it’s available on YRL Marketplace after review. Any individual creator can claim their own Yrl link and start sharing that link.

YRL Marketplace.

2. Private YRLs

If you are a Business already working with an influencer, you are familiar with making a fixed payment to the influencer based on the historic engagement metrics (Likes / Comments etc.). This is great, but the fixed payment is not the same as making them partners in your Product’s success.

What if you could negotiate the fixed payment you are already making, and add an incentive everytime they brought you users? You could offer them more compensation based on the users / sales they drive, and not only a fixed payment for making post.

The same goes if you are a Creator. You’d be more vested in the success of the brand, if you were their partner, and not a one, or few time advertiser.

This can be accomplished through YRL as Businesses can create a Private campaign, and add payments based on clicks or conversions (sales / sign ups).

3. Pay for Conversions

Businesses on YRL can choose to pay individual creators everytime there’s a conversion (sale, or sign up). This is similar to conventional Affiliate marketing, except it’s more transparent, easier to setup, and discover. Also conversions can be “anything” that the Businesses want, not just a sale.

Businesses can embed a simple script in their success page, and the user journeys that came from referred YRLs will be recoreded as conversions, and the Creator who made that happen, can be paid out from the Campaign budget.

Some Core features of YRL

For Creators

  1. It takes just Three Clicks to start earning.
  2. Earn a minimum of $10 for 100 Clicks. This is by far greater than any social media has ever paid out to Creators. Conversions payouts are extra and highly variable (can even be thousand+ dollars!)
  3. 100% Free. You can only earn with YRL.
  4. You decide which Products and Ideas to represent and be ambassador of.
  5. Promote Campaigns on any social media. From Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, all the way to quality Blogs, Memes and personal Chats / Texts.
  6. Earnings in USD, but you get paid wherever you are.
  7. Direct payouts to your bank account in US, and worldwide (~26 countries supported)

Creators can only Earn with YRL

For Businesses

  1. Creating a Campaign takes less than a Minute.
  2. Minimum Campaign budget is $20, and CPC $0.125 which is refundable if not exhausted.
  3. Country Targeting, and Expiration Options for every Campaign.
  4. You only pay when you get users. Remaining Campaign budget is completely refundable.
  5. No need for Ad Creatives. We take existing Metadata from your website to show Creators.
  6. Realtime metrics for Clicks, Referrals, Conversions per Campaign all for free.
  7. Create Private campaigns for individual partnerships with Influencers.

One of the many Campaign Analytics.

Pricing and Payouts?

There’s no Sign up, or subscription fee to use YRL. It’s free for everyone to join.

Pricing For Businesses

All costs are based on usage (clicks, or conversions) as decided by you. We don’t bid businesses against each other, and you as a Business choose the CPC (and CPA) you are comfortable with.

Any money left in a Campaign from unclaimed YRLs can be refunded by you after the Campaign expires, or used for creating a new Campaign.

Payouts for Creators

The minimum you earn is $10 for every 100 organic Clicks your content produces, and you earn with every Click.

The maximum? Well we hope one day millions of Creators use YRL as their full time job.

In US, all payouts are managed through Stripe (self served). International Creators can get paid through or Western Union directly to their bank accounts in their countries.

How many Creators and Businesses do we have?

In our first month of launch we worked directly with a dozen Business campaigns closely to improve the user experience and add features around the product. With our public release in August, we hope this number goes much higher.

As for Creators, we believe this number will grow with time, but it’s not the number of Creators, it’s their Creativity that should count.

A great post by a single Creator could yield millions of clicks for a Business, and that post might be the only paid marketing you business ever needs to reach escape velocity.


YRL is currently available in the following countries:

  • North America: USA, Canada
  • Europe: UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark
  • Asia: Japan, Singapore, India
  • Africa: Nigeria

We only support English language at the moment. Based on growth, we will prioritize support for local languages as well.

What’s next?

You can head over to YRL by following links:

All our FAQs here:

If you have questions, want a demo, or just want to share thoughts, you can set up face to face call with us here.

You can also send us email at:

We at YRL, look forward to earning and growing with you.