Creators: Step by Step Guide to Earning with YRL

By Sudeep Chauhan |
Creators: Step by Step Guide to Earning with YRL

Step by Step Guide to Earning with Yrl

A step by step guide for you to Claim your first Yrl, start sharing, and earning with it.

Step 1: Discover Yrl Campaigns


This is the home page of the App. Here you will see all the Campaigns by Businesses and Artists that are Active on YRL.

YRL Marketplace.

Browse through these campaigns, and observe the images of the websites, their title, as well as the maximum you can earn from the campaigns.

You can click on a Campaign card to see its details.

Once on the Detail page, click on “Claim your YRL” button.

Clicking on this should show you a link that looks something like this:

YRL Marketplace.

This is your personal Yrl link of the campaign, and it will redirect visitors to the website of the Business (you can visit it by clicking “Visit Website”).

Step 3: Share your Yrls

You can either Copy the YRL, or click on any of the Share icons to your favorite social media.

The link already contains the right metadata, and on sharing it, it will show the card view of the end website.

Now go ahead and share your Yrl as creatively as you can! You can use any form of media, and the more Creative your posts are, the more likely you are to earn with it.

Sharing Yrl Links shows Card Views of end websites.

That’s it. 3 clicks is all it takes for you to start earning with Yrl!

Your earnings will update in real time as users click and convert through your Yrl links. You can view these by going to “My Yrls” tab.

My Yrls Tab.

To see the details of your Yrl’s performance, you can click on the row of the Yrl.

This will open up Yrl Details page which shows all the details of the YRL, your earnings and realtime metrics of how your YRL has been performing.

Click Distribution.

To view your earnings, click on the Earnings tab.

My Earnings Tab.

And that’s it. We hope you earn a lot with Yrl by promoting and marketing businesses through your creativity.