Businesses: Guide to Creating YRL Campaigns

By Sudeep Chauhan |
Businesses: Guide to Creating YRL Campaigns

Guide to Create Yrl Campaigns

It takes less than 100 seconds to create a Yrl Campaign. In this post you will learn step by step instructions on how to Create your first Yrl Campaign.

Note: There’s no recurring or subscription fee to use Yrl for Businesses. All payments are made at Campaign level

Create Yrl Campaign


You will automatically be routed to “Create Campaign” page. Once on the app, you can also come to this page by clicking “Go Viral” button on the nav bar.

Create Yrl Campaign

Below is the description of all the fields you see on this page:

Name of the Campaign

This is only for your reference, and is not visible to anyone else. If you are running multiple campaigns for your Product, you can use this reference to identify campaigns while monitoring their progress.

Example: “My First Campaign”, or “September Launch”

Your Website URL

This is the URL of your website where users will be redirected to once they click on the Yrl links. Also, Creators can see this Website before claiming their Yrls.

Note: This website must have rich metadata, because that’s what we pull the details like image, title and description from.

To learn how to add metadata to your site, please refer to our FAQs here.

Explain your product like I’m 5!

This is a personal note from YOU to the Creators. Make it count, and explain your product as well as possible. The better you explain it, the more Creators are likely to claim the Yrl, and share it with the world.

You can add upto 500 characters for this, and we recommend that you use all of it.

Add tags

The tags show up in the Details page of a Yrl campaign, and we will soon be adding Search options for Creators to navigate using these Tags / Keywords.


The category under which your Product lands. Is it a Video, or a Tech product like an App? Is it a Fashion accessory or Consumer good for sale?

Cost per Click

This is the amount you will be charged for every click.

The higher the CPC, the more Creators will be paid out, and they are more likely to claim Yrl links of your Campaign.

The minium CPC on Yrl is $0.125 which equates to $10 payout for Creators for every 100 organic clicks they generate.


This is the maximum amount you will pay for the Campaign.

Create Yrl Campaign

Campaign Expiration

If you are running a Campaign for a limited amount of time, for example a campaign for the Blackfriday deals, you can set this expiration date for the campaign.

After the Expiration date, the Campaign will auto expire, all the Yrl links will stop working and Creators won’t see your Public campaign on the Yrl Marketplace for claiming Yrls.

The remaining budget in the campaign will be transferred to the “Billing Account” from where you can either request a refund, or use the amount to start another campaign.

The default value for Campaign Expiration is 60 days from the Campaign Create date.

Target Countries

If your product or offering should be limited to only a set number of Countries, you can add them here. Only when users from one of these Countries click on the Yrl link of your campaign, will they be redirected to your site. Otherwise redirect will be blocked, and you won’t be charged for this click.

By default the value for Target Countries is “Worldwide”.

Create Yrl Campaign

Preview Metadata

This is the metadata Yrl collected from your landing page and will show up in the card view on Discover page for Creators, as well as when it is shared across social media platforms.

Create Campaign

Once you hit the “Create Campaign” button, the Campaign is Created, by default in the “Draft” State. You will now be redirected to the payment page where you can complete Payment based on the Campaign budget you had set on previous screen.

YRL currently partners with Stripe to collect payments, and clicking on “Make Payment” will redirect you to Stripe.

Note on Draft Campaigns
If you choose to come back to the Campaign later, you can always find the Draft Campaigns in the “My Campaigns” tab. To edit a Draft Campaign, go to “My Campaigns”, click on the row, and hit “Edit” button.

Make your Campaign Live

Under Review

Once the payment is complete, the Campaign will be in the “Under Review” Status.

The YRL team reviews every Campaign for the content, and against the prohibited categories, and only then approves the Campaign.

Once approved, public Campaigns automatically go live on the YRL Marketplace for Creators to Claim and start sharing.

Questions? Need Support?

Please write to us at : , or set up a short dedicated chat with us here.