How to determine cost of Newsletter Sponsorships?

If you manage a Newsletter, figuring out the Payout, and negotiating deals with Businesses can be pretty hard. In this post we share how you can workout a deal CPC...

Pay Influencers based on Traffic and Conversions

In this post we show how you can use YRL platform in making performance based payouts to your social media partners.

The World's Greatest Referral Program!

Explain YRL platform to the world. Earn 10% from all the spend by referred accounts for the next TWO YEARS.

Introducing YRL: Making Creators Product and Idea Ambassadors

Introducing YRL: a digital marketing platform where businesses can partner with individual creators to share their products, and pay them proportional to the number of users they bring.

Discovery and Journey of YRL

The journey of our product discovery, development and launch.

First Post

Welcome to the YRL blog. This is the first post on the blog, hopefully of the many to come.